Oh my, honestly cannot wait to wear my shirt dress. I LOVE IT, thank you for your professionalism and customer care which has been second to none xx 


Shirt and blazer both arrived, love them, thank you so much. Will definitely be ordering more, will send pics when I wear them hun, thank you xx


Received, love, prayed for rain so I could wear it on Saturday!!! Shared handle with those who complimented me last night. Hey Jude graffiti jacket tribe continues to grow! Well done for creating this gorgeous product... big love VC xx


love it fits amazing, love the material!!! Thank you xxx


Hi, I LOVE my blazer and had so many compliments, even people stopping me in the street.


Just wanted to sat the blazer looks amazing! Have had so many great compliments!! Thank you!


The jacket is amazing, such a gorgeous cut! Xx


Just wanted to say I absolutely love my graffiti blazer. Such amazing quality and literally goes with everything! Xx


Thank you for my amazing blazer! Looks absolutely fabulous, best blazer I have xx


The best blazer I’ve ever bought!! Xx


Got my white blazer last week and it’s bloody amazing! Thanks so much for your help xx


Love my new blazer thank you xx


Received my blazer it’s amazing thank you so much! Xx


Just received my graffiti blazer! OMG it’s to die for. Thank you soooo much! Xx


Oh wow my blazer has arrived I absolutely love it! So glad I went for the gold writing it’s fabulous xx


Jacket arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it thank you xx


Just got my jacket and I am in love. Can’t wait to wear it in New York thank you so much xxx


Just had my second jacket delivered and I love it as much as my first one. Thank you sooo much xx


 Thank you so much for the shirt dresses! Can’t wait to wear them on holiday! They are amazing! Xxx


Just love my new shirt, couldn’t believe it came so quick! Also thank you so much for the last minute changes.


Love it thanks so much can’t wait to wear it xx


Hi, WOW I received my “Wifey” blazer today and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! I can not wait to show it off and wear it!!! I am really impressed with the fabric, the cut and stitching! Super exceeded expectations! THANK YOU! Will post a pic on its first outing! All the best (NZ) xx


Thank you you so Much! I love it xx


Jacket came, fantastic!! Love it, thanks so much xx


I’m totally in love with my shirt dress, I can’t wait to wear it on my holidays x


OMG I love, love, love it! It’s so classy, I honestly love it.


Ok no worries p.s the jacket is fabulous love the shoulder pads, actually thinking of another black with different colour and logo xxx


I have it!! They hadn’t left a card! Love it!! Fits perfect. Thank you. Saving it for my cruise, so will tag then. Thank you. 


Hi, I’ve just received my blazer I love it, thank you so much xx


No worries hun. It’s so lovely, fab work just like my blazer. I need to order another blazer xx


Hi, I just received by blazer today and I wanted to say thank you. It’s amazing, oh my those shoulders!!! And it fits perfectly. I’m wondering what print I can order next, thanks again xx


Thank you so much for my shirt, I love it! Gutted I’ve got to wait till my holidays to wear it xxx


Thank you you so much for my shirt, I’m obsessed!! 


Thrilled!! Hey Jess my jacket arrived and I’m so thrilled only I was at my friends and she begged me for mine! So I’m ordering another!!!!!


Just got home and opened my delivery. It’s perfect, I love it. Thank you so much xxx


I love it! Xx


Loving all your work doll! So proud... I literally never have my jacket off my back! Thank you x


Hiya! Just wanted to say how much I love my blazer! I got so many compliments. Thank you x


Thanks for my beautiful jacket hun!! Will be ordering a black one in the next few weeks xx


My blazer is fab, I have told so many girls about you! I don’t know what I wore before it, you look so busy xxx


Finally wore my jacket last weekend. Lots of my friends was mad about it I’ve tagged you in the post xx


Hi! Jacket attempted to be delivered yesterday (quicker than I’d expected!) but I missed the postman...picked it up today from the sorting office and it’s amazing!! Thanks so much xx


I love my blazer, thank you so much, your so clever xxx


Its finally here! I love it! Thanks for all of your help! 


Wow, wow, wow the blazer arrived yesterday, it’s absolutely stunning, amazing quality and fits like a glove, cannot thank you enough my daughter is soooooo pleased with it, thanks again x


Had so many compliments and have recommended you to friends. Thanks again x


Its arrived, it is beautiful and perfect also as measures.


Hello! I have had so many lovely comments wearing my jacket today!! Thank you so much, I’d like to order the white one too xx


loved my blazer, thank you so much, defo need another colour now x


I’m in love!! I actually love it! I’m never taking it off!! 


Hi, well what can I say? Just got in work and received my birthday present! WOW it’s stunning, it fits like a glove and who has a personalised blazer? ME!!! So beautiful, I can’t thank you enough! I absolutely love it, thank you so, so, so much xxxxx


Bought one one of your beautiful jackets for my granddaughter, she is over the moon with such good quality x 


Thanks so much for such amazing service so far! X


Absolutely love my blazers fit, it’s amazing and can’t wait to wear it, customer service is perfect too, thank you x


Will be buying the white one soon when I figure out what I want writing on it. Material is fab and the fit is amazing!!


Thank you so much for my blazer, love it!! Xx


I love it and so does my hubby, thank you so much I can’t wait to get the black one soon. Thank you, thank you xx


Received my jacket, in love. Will tag you in a pic when I wear it thank you x


Hi Jessica, received the blazer it’s great. Can you let me know when you have white in stock? Same size? It’s perfect when you put a jumper under it. Xx


I loved it, thank you x


Hi love, wore my blazer last night for the launch, loved it! It’s a great fit, fab quality, loads of comments and girls wanting to order x


Been waiting to get a good picture in my blazer and thought I’d send you these! I still love it, thank you xxx


Thanks for the blazer, I absolutely love it. Got so many compliments about it xx


Morning Jessica, my jacket has just arrived. Thank you, I love it x


Absolutely loved my blazer. Thank you xx


Love my blazer, thank you x


Thank you for my blazer, it came today, unreal xxxxx


Hi, received my jacket today it’s absolutely gorgeous, thank you xx


Hi, loved my black blazer, going to order the white today but just wondered if we can order with pink writing yet? It looks amazing xx


Hi lovely. Congratulations on your success with your blazers. I loooove mine. Will post it soon. I’m thinking of a white one definitely x


Love mine, so many compliments x


Hi hun, Blazer is lovely. Thank you. Can I order a white one in large x


Love my black one so much, got to have a white x


I love my blazer, seriously it’s gorgeous. Thank you so much x


It came today!!! I’m in love. Thank you xx


I love my blazer, thank you. It’s just something so unique and I didn’t expect the quality to be so exceptional xxx


Hi, would just like to thank you for my jacket, arrived this morning, very happy. Will send a pic wearing it.


Jacket has just arrived and is sooooo beautiful. Thank you! Xx 


Hi bab, the jacket arrived this morning, absolutely love it. Thank you so much xxx


Love it, it’s perfect. Thank you so much xxx


Hi, just received my blazer and it’s gorgeous, so thank you!!


Its actually just been delivered, omg I love it, fits like it was made to measure and the quality of the material is amazing, thank you so much x


Absolutely love my blazer. The quality and fit is amazing. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to wear it. Well done lovely, I obviously need another colour too now x


Had so many compliments on the blazer x


Been meaning to message you and thank you for my blazer! It’s amazing! Can’t wait to wear it xx


I’m obsessed. Thank you so, so muchhh


Ive just received my blazer! I’m not on Instagram to share but the quality is amazing. I love it, thank you! Xx


Omg the shirt is amazing! Love everything about it and love the print sooo much! You’re the best! X


Hi Jess, just received my shirt.. I love it, thank you so much x


loved my blazer!! Fits amazing! Had so many compliments! Thank you x


I absolutely LOVE my blazer. Need the white one now though xx


Love, love, love the blazer xx


Hiya, I got my jacket today! Thank you for being so prompt, I love, love, love it! Will send pics! Thank you so much! 


Obsessed with this!! Love it! Can’t wait to order it in black xxx


Hiya, wore my dress last night for my birthday, absolutely loved it!! One of my favourite outfits, I’ve worn and had so many compliments. Thank you xx


Hey, loving my jacket, thank you... a friend is also going to order one x


Perfect, thank you. Shirt arrived this morning, thank you so, so much xx


Thank you so much for my blazer I love it xx


Hey! I finally got to wear my blazer at my hen last weekend and I absolutely loved It! The quality is amazing and I’m so happy you managed to do the navy lettering... It matched perfectly with what my girls had planned for me! Will definitely be ordering more pieces soon. Thanks again xx


Great quality! Perfect for the beach. Thank you xxx


Blazer arrived. Thank you. It’s the shoulders. Going to order the white one next week xx


still the best thing I own.


Omg I received my blazer and shirt, OMG UNREAL! The fit is like they have been tailored!


Hey, my blazer arrived today!! Love it!! Perfect fit! Thanks so much x


My jacket has come OH MY GOD it’s AMAZING! I love it, thank you so, so much xxxx


Hi received my shirt and blazer, it’s amazing. Thank you xx


How funny I’m just in the door and my black blazer has arrived! So obsessed! Xx


My blazer arrived thank you very much, I can’t wait to wear it. It’s amazing..


You are a genuine genius!!!!! I may just kit myself out with your clothes and be done with shopping altogether xx


I bloody love it I’m obsessed, thank Jess your so talented x


My shirt came today. Thank you, I love it.


Thank you so much for the jacket. I wore it last night at my stay at the crazy bear for our 10th wedding anniversary! The initials stand for our names... hubby loves it and I felt amazing.


Thank you you for getting my blazer to me!! Everyone loved it, thanks xx


Hi, I’ve just come back off holiday and seen my blazer! I love it!!!!! I’m over the moon! I can’t wait to wear it! Thank you so Much! X


Hi I meant to message when I received my jacket, just to say I love it. I can not wait for the herringbone style to come in to order that too x


People are going to me where’s that jacket from so I’m going to give out your Instagram. I bloody love it x


Took it reminisce festival, so many comments on it xx


Oh my days my blazer has arrived!!!!! I am in love! Cannot wait to wear it, even the hubby was like that is unreal, thank you, you talented woman! Xx


So happy with all my blazers and shirts more orders to come.


Received my graffiti blazer today, omg the quality is amazing!! Cannot wait to wear it. Thank you so much xx


Thank you again so much! You really did do everything you could. I’ll be buying again for myself but giving enough time haha! Xx


Thank you so much for my blazer, I absolutely love it.. Thank you xxx


Honestly, the quality and fit are amazing, will be back for the white one soon too! Xxxxx


Absolutely LOVE my blazer!! So happy I’m now the proud owner of one.. My new staple wardrobe item xx


Absolutely love it xxx 


My blazer is unreal babe, I love the fit. Can’t wait to wear it xx


Hi I have just got my blazer, it’s lovely. Can’t wait to wear it... Thank you so much xx


Hey Jess! Just to say I received my shirt yesterday and absolutely love it! Can’t wait to wear it on my honeymoon. Thanks again Leigh xxx


I’m obsessed with your blazer they are amazing, you should be so proud I get many comments on mine xx


Shirt no.2 received, amazing as ever! You never disappoint! Love it, thank you xxxx


Hi my blazer arrived today, absolutely over the moon. Thank you so much, I will definitely be ordering a shirt next love, love, love it xxx


Got out my blazers today, thank you so much. Love them, not sure I can wait till Christmas to give it too her x


Thank you so much for my blazer, just received it today, can’t wait to wear it for my hen do! Definitely will be ordering again soon. Thanks again xxx


Hey lovely. Just wanted to say how much I LOVED my personalised shirt. It’s so comfy and such good quality. Can’t wait to purchase a blazer now xx


Love my blazer on, thank you, I got lots of compliments xxx


 I have your blazer in white and black and love them! Everyone always asks where they’re from. I have just ordered The Bomb. Thank you xxx 


Hi hun I have just got home from work and my jacket has arrived! Thank you so much I love it xx


Hi just received my order it’s perfect thank you. Amazing quality and fit. Well worth the little extra wait xxr


 Received - I love it! Thank you so much x


Thank you for my shirt I love it xx


My blazer is so gorgeous, I had it on today and 6 people asked where it was from! X


Love my blazer xx


Love my blazer thanks so much, fits me perfect xx


Thank you I love all of my stuff from you! Xx


Keep getting stopped when I’m wearing my coat everyone asking where it’s from so thank you!


Hi I’ve received my blazer and I love it. Perfect fit can’t wait to wear it. Thank you x


Hey! I wear my blazer all the time it’s like my comfort blanket! I’ve got the new grey jacket too....thanks a mil...keep designing. Olivia


Hiya I just wanted to follow up and let you know I’ve received my coat. It’s AMAZING! I absolutely love it x


Received my blazer on Friday absolutely love it too. Thank you!


Oh my god each blazer I’ve ordered I’ve thought “no this is my fave, no this is my fave”  well the winter baby fur is 1000% the best coat I’ve ever owned! Keep doing what you’re doing! Can’t wait for the 2020 collections! Xx


Thank you so much for my blazer I LOVE it x


Thank you for my blazer I love x


Omg my blazer has just come it’s absolutely unreal!


 The blazer is amazing!


My blazer is amazing and fits perfect x

Just received my 2 new blazers! They are gorgeous thank you, great quality and fit perfectly x

My jacket has arrived and it’s beaut, gorgeous material and fits perfect. Thank you so much x

My parcel has just arrived, it’s gorgeous and I’m absolutely  delighted with it. Thank you so much x


Wow wow wow I love love love!


I got my blazer yesterday and I love love love it. Thank you so much x


Love the jacket x


My graffiti blazer arrived today and I’m in love with it thank you so much. Amazing quality can’t wait for my other one to arrive xxx


 We love our blazers thank you so much xxx


Love love love my blazer thank you so much xx


I received my denim jacket today and I absolutely love it thank you sooo much xx


Jacket came it’s fab thank you x


I received my denim jacket today it’s amazing can’t wait to wear it. Thank you xx 


Thank you so much I love it and can’t wait to wear it x


First time wearing my blazer today and I love it so much thank you x


Over the moon with the quality thank you so much x


My jacket is perfect thank you!


I’m absolutely in love with my jacket. The denim is gorgeous and so soft. Can’t wait to wear it x


Jacket arrived today, it’s amazing I love it. Thank you !


Thank you so  much for my jacket, I have never received so many compliments ever! Ordering the denim right now xx


Thank you so much my jacket is amazing! Perfect xxx


Your jackets are amaze I wear the graffiti one all the time and have had lots of compliments so thank you xx


My friend got her jacket last night and she loves it. Thank you so much !


Thank you so much for my blazer I absolutely love it


Just received my blazer it’s perfect thank you 


Just received my denim jacket and I’m in love. Thank you so much  xxx


I wore it today as an extra on TOWIE. The shape is stunning!


Hi love jackets came today both are gorgeous thank you so much xx

Arrived yesterday it’s beautiful, thank you 


My denim jacket arrived and I absolutely love it amazing quality just perfect. Thank you xxx


Received this morning I love it. Thank you so much for your prompt responses.


Finally got to wear my gorgeous blazer I love it so much and the fit is perfect! Xx