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Hi, WOW I received my “Wifey” blazer today and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! I can not wait to show it off and wear it!!! I am really impressed with the fabric, the cut and stitching! Super exceeded expectations! THANK YOU! Will post a pic on its first outing! All the best (NZ) xx

Just had my second jacket delivered and I love it as much as my first one. Thank you sooo much xx

Hi, I just received by blazer today and I wanted to say thank you. It’s amazing, oh my those shoulders!!! And it fits perfectly. I’m wondering what print I can order next, thanks again xx

Our Story....

Hey Jude launched worldwide from the UK in 2019 with The Graffiti Blazer.

Inspired by evolving modern style and true classics.

Hey Jude is a growing brand with the goal to offer an essential and luxe daily uniform and customised statement pieces.

Founder Jess Whalley designs small, unique collections of essential wardrobe staples, with a touch of individuality, for each season. Most items are limited edition.